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4th Street Bistro

As a mainstay of Reno’s culinary culture for close to two decades, 4th Street Bistro continues to flourish. An impressive feat in an industry known for ridiculously high failure rates—around 80 percent within the first five years, according to CNBC—4th Street Bistro bucked the trend. Along the way, Chef Natalie Sellers (of Chez Panisse distinction) and General Manager Carol Wilson have inspired a few northern Nevada restaurant trends, including the use of seasonal, sustainable, organic ingredients in all of their preparations and the inclusion of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan menu fare. Read more at Nevada Magazine

Nevada Magazine

Comstock Summer of Love at 50

Long before burners engulfed the playa of Nevada’s Black Rock desert or steampunkers rocked their first Comstock counterculture balls, there was the Red Dog Saloon. From June to August of 1965, the brick-stout, vermillion-tinted Red Dog building marked ground zero for risky, experimental behaviors in a developing psychedelic cultural esthetic that cross-fertilized the Bay Area’s 1960s counterculture. Read more about Virginia City’s surprising role in the 1960’s psychedelic scene at Nevada Magazine

Pacifica Magazine

Entertaining the Comstock

The public image associated with Virginia City, Nevada touts the vision of a salacious, gun-toting mining town with an overpopulated Boot Hill. But recent academic work sheds considerable light on this nineteenth-century urban place, emphasizing achievements in community building, socioeconomic dynamics, ethnic diversity, and an international reputation in both industry and culture. Read more about Virginia City’s historic role as the crown jewel of the San Francisco Mining Pyramid…

Go Adventure Travel Magazine

A Safari Across Nevada’s Remote Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

Located in the Northwestern corner of Nevada by the Oregon border, the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge appears lunar and sterile, yet conceals many surprises: bubbling freshwater springs, reservoirs humming with songbirds and waterfowl, and breathtaking big game herds. Its treasures are many, but require a discerning gaze. Read more at GoAdventureTravel

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Home on the Range: Rustic Weekend Adventures in Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

Immense tabletop rock formations, narrow canyons concealing freshwater springs, reservoirs humming with songbirds and waterfowl, rough-hewn historic ranch sites, and breathtaking big game herds await visitors to Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge. A wilderness epitomizing the “unofficial anthem” of the American West, “Home on the Range,” it is an exotic, remote, richly rewarding destination for weekend adventurers. Read more