Think Solar for Off-the-Grid Camping

Since the advent of email, cell phones, and the thousand-and-one other ways that people can now get a hold of me at any moment, off-the-grid camping remains of paramount importance to me.

There’s nothing like the solitude and liberation of knowing that I am truly, completely, 100% unreachable by cellphone and Internet. So, really, I suppose what I’m more interested in is off-the-signal camping, right?

Whatever you want to call it, off-the-grid camping doesn’t necessarily mean comfortless camping. In fact, I’m a girl who definitely appreciates a little power while hiding out in the wilderness… But I hate the sound of a generator. What to do?

Invest in a solar power charging unit…

Now, it’s not like I want to run a washer and dryer or a microwave in the woods. But there are definitely a few appliances that I like to use, namely the lights and heater in the camper, a radio, a coffeemaker, and maybe even a can opener.

Luckily, maintaining optimum power remains as simple as installing a good photovoltaic, or solar power, charging system that relies on the rays of the sun to generate electricity.

Before installation, you’ll want to estimate the total power you need, calculate your total power system size and cost, and get an estimate on energy savings and payback. To get started, click here for more detailed information about how to accurately calculate your energy needs.

On a recent trip to a very remote part of Northern California, we spent over a week ensconced in the woods. Far removed from cell phone towers and Internet signals, we enjoyed a week’s worth of camper lighting and heating, coffee making, and can opening thanks to our solar charging unit.

Interested in adding a solar charging system to your camper? Already have one? Either way, I’d love to hear more about your take on a solar charging unit in the comments below.

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